can’t be true: fox news reports michele bachmann wins iowa coffee bean caucus

Coffee Mug from Hamburg Inn

My bag and my Hamburg Inn mug. All I need.

No way. Not possible.

I had pie shakes at Hamburg Inn just this past Saturday (New Year’s Eve) and she was nowhere near the lead. Someone must have sneaked in spilled a bag of Gothic beans from Java House on her jar sometime before the 8 AM siren.

Seriously, how could Michele Bachmann win anything in the People’s Republic?

6 Responses

  1. Well, she won the Republican side of the ledger. The story says she only got 29% of the Rep beans. Obama won it overall. Does that make you feel better?

  2. As a fellow habitué of the Hamburg Inn (although since El Bandito opened, I haven’t been back for dinner), I have to say agree that the integrity of the coffee bean caucus may have been compromised. Perhaps the libruls are just dreaming that ol’ crazyeyes be the nominee — so we can finally put the Republican Party out of its misery.

  3. nope. it means that there are folks in ic that voted for her. that takes a lot of chootz-pah! .

  4. banditos is quite nice. love that place too!

  5. Love the No. 2 mug. Spent a lot of time in Hamburg No. 1. Following the politics, I agree there are not that many nuts (beans for Bachmann) that frequent Hamburg Inn. Exciting Obama got so many.

  6. […] and I (and baby Mac) just finished our first Iowa Caucus experience. After participating in the Coffee Bean Caucus at Hamburg Inn this weekend, we did the real thing tonight in Iowa City, […]

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