Pat Robertson Has Lost His Mind: Jokes About Beating Women

Seriously. Pat’s been a moronic fool for years, but his senile ass has officially lost his mind.

Seriously. Even for the fundamentalists at CBN, Pat has become an absolute legal liability. He needs to be retired from the air.

Not only is he mocking Muslims by misrepresenting them (because good fundamentalist Christians never beat their wives), but now he’s taken to joking about beating women and TELLING PEOPLE TO BEAT THEIR WIVES!!!! Really??

Here’s the transcript of what Pat Robertson said:

“I don’t think we condone wife beating THESE DAYS(!!!!!), but something’s got to be done to make her…”

These days???!!!!!!!!!!!! “But something’s got to be done????

And there’s more:

“She’s rebellious, and chances are she was rebellious with her father and mother. She’s a rebellious child and she doesn’t want to submit to any authority. And she probably had temper tantrums when she was a kid, and you know…you know the little girl, ‘I hate you. I hate you,’ and she wants to slap her father. Well that’s the same kind of thing. She’s just…she’s transferred the father, now, she might…eeh…oh, I hate to say everything’s got to be some psychological counseling, but…”

“But that’s the problem. She does not understand authority. When she was growing up nobody made her behave. And now, you’ve got a 13-year old in a 30-year old woman’s body and she is acting like a child. Now, what do you do with that? You can’t divorce her according to the Scripture, so I say ‘MOVE TO SAUDI ARABIA’.”


Did Pat ever consider that her husband Michael is a douche? Did anyone even bother to check to see if there is something that the husband perhaps did wrong? Could there possibly be any fault with him? We don’t know, but it doesn’t matter: to Pat, it’s the insubordinate, non-submissive woman who is to blame. That’s it. So his solution it so “move to Saudi Arabia” so you can “beat her” legally.


The end has come. Watch for CBN to announce Pat’s retirement from on-air segments soon, because he’s destroying whatever is left of CBN. And while this is a wonderful thing, he’s advocating crime in the process.

16 Responses

  1. Some people need to lighten up–like you Cargill.

  2. Even though I banned the troll David Tee from leaving his wacked-out fundamentalist comments on my blog months ago, I’m going to go ahead and approve this comment (and ONLY this comment – nothing further) because I want to demonstrate to my readers that there are still misogynistic, fundamentalist supporters of Pat Robertson out there, who do not find fault in anything that Robertson said, and choose instead to criticize those calling him out on his nonsense. So here’s to David Tee, who thinks I need to ‘chill out’ for daring to criticize Pat Robertson for joking about beating wives.

  3. nope. nada. nothing more. don’t bother.

  4. Oh…this is so painful to watch. What’s illuminating about this is that it reveals (through an aging and less careful old man) the deeply-held “misbeliefs” that so-called Christian men have toward women, under the guise of scriptural sanction. Shocking! And the poor woman across from him … did you hear the nervous laugh at the end? Yes, he definitely needs retiring from any “service” to the christian community whatsoever.

  5. Yea, saw this yesterday and couldn’t get beyond the “I don’t think we condone wife beating these days” line. I felt sorry for the woman opposite him. And I’m all for “lightening up” if something is at least funny. But this was far, very far from funny or witty.

  6. chris,

    i agree. actually, the woman across from him (Terry Meeuwsen) has a difficult job. her laughter at the end was that nervous sort of laughter one hears when someone is trying to ‘laugh off’ something terrible. likewise, just after robertson’s rant, she actually tried to clarify on his behalf and says, “well, not physically, but…”

    Daily Kos has a story on this too.

    Seriously, Jesus is secondary to money and legacy for CBN and Pat Robertson. They’ll pull him off the air if they can get that through to him…

  7. Geez, Doc! I can’t remember when Robertson WASN’T a complete douche! I’ve heard some of the most amazing crap come out of that tool over the years. I just fail to understand why anyone still takes him seriously. I think that he should have been retired about 15-20 years ago.

  8. The Rev. Dr. Pat Robertson is the most prominent Christian theologian in the US, too.

    BTW, he lied about being a Korean War “combat veteran” … when he wasn’t (his unit went into combat, but his US Senator-father made sure that HE didn’t go). … a lawsuit was filed decades later and he admitted his lie although he passed it off as “bad phrasing” (or some such) on his part.

    His claim to have turned the course of Hurricane Gloria (well, with the help of You-Know-Who) is well known. Another lie.

    He typifies Conservative Christians, who LOVE him.

  9. Bob !

    How about suggesting a discussion on th’ ‘lectric tee-vee between … the Rev. Dr. Pat Robertson and … Clint Eastwood ?

    Lots of … uh … uh … uhhhhhhhhhh . . . “wisdom” there, no ?

  10. and we’re surprised by this… He’s a freakin’ idiot, and crap flows out of him on a regular basis!!!

  11. The most serious problem for the Christian community is that non-Christians will see/hear things like this and think it represents Christian beliefs and thinking. oh, wait a minute, it does, doesn’t it?

  12. It is very pleasant to read forum without the troll Dr. Tee.

  13. Pat Robertson is named butt plug of the day

  14. Ugly question: how many of Robertson’s flock agreed with him ?

  15. […] to be precisely what the Evangelical GOP talking points tell you to think). In fact, please contact Pat Robertson and come to some agreement to retire together, because you’ve both absolutely lost your […]

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