Let’s Talk about Roseanne and Respecting the National Anthem

OK, let’s talk about respecting the National Anthem and our flag. Let’s do so in the context of what happened to Roseanne Barr yesterday, who was fired from her eponymous ABC television show for a racist tweet mocking the appearance of former Obama administration official Valerie Jarrett, an African-American woman.


Here’s my question: Have any of these kneeling NFL football players ever desecrated the National Anthem mockingly like Roseanne Barr, then grabbed their crotches and then spit? Watch the video below.

Until Trump supporters condemn Roseanne–which conservative Christians did en masse back in 1990 when the show was considered to vulgar and un-Christian to watch, unlike many of today’s Trump-endorsing conservative Christians, who see only politics–until they condemn Roseanne for her desecration of the National Anthem, they should shut up about NFL player protesting, silently and peacefully, the unequal treatment of African-Americans in this country at the hands of certain law enforcement officials.

One Response

  1. I have always intentionally avoided Rosanne Barr because I found her attacks on others objectionable. I remember the station manager of the Great Falls, MT, ABC affiliate in the early 90’s saying how he was embarrassed by the program, but it did bring in the advertising revenue. I was surprised that ABC brought her back. I guess it was desperation.

    Re the football players: I believe their actions are mistaken because the flag is a symbol of ideals, not the actions of individuals. There has to be a better way to call out the individuals who do not try to live up to those ideals. It, unfortunately, has not been proposed, that I can tell.

    I remember Sunday school in the 50’s. The story of Noah was taught as the origin of the three races (that is all that were recognized as Noah only had three sons). This was a Christian (?) teaching for several hundred years. Those who believe and teach this concept are another tragic example of religion neglecting science. If you could trace your ancestry back to its real human origins, you would probably find that we all came out of Africa.

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