the most egregious misapplication of church demographics and male leadership i’ve ever seen

the irony is, i actually agree with him up to the :45 mark. granted, he sounds like he’s parroting john eldredge’s wild at heart, but he has a point. but, it is precisely at that point (the :45 mark), that driscoll completely derails and misses the point. i mean, really, are you seriously referring to women and men as ‘chicks and dudes’??

and really? the entire mission of the church should revolve around YOUNG MEN??!! really? is this the 50s? are we in afghanistan? if we target young men, we ‘win’???

no wonder driscoll’s church is ‘over half male, single, and in their twenties’: who wants to date an uneducated, ‘perverted’ male who’d rather ‘punch someone in the nose’ or ‘work on their truck’ than go to church?

see for yourself:

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  1. I couldn’t watch beyond the minute mark. Wow. I wonder what he does with the Sermon on the Mount? “You’ve heard it said, ‘An eye for an eye,’ but I say, ‘Dude, if someone’s messin’ with ya punch ’em in the face. Don’t be a chick in a fuschia shirt. Dude.'”

  2. I’m gay but I get the “idea” behind his efforts albeit primitive. What he’s trying to say is that maleness as a state of BEING has lost is virility. Just look at the imagery of maleness as it is portrayed in magazines and television. The first thing to go is body hair. Secondly only minimal boyish musculature is permitted. Finally he must be totally submissive to female master. Smiling inanely as he struggles to meet her needs, panting for her approval. The other image is of maleness as clumsy, fumbling and totally dependant on femaleness to get through even the smallest task.

    While we may seem (espically to Mr. Driscoll) to be at the opposite ends of the baseball bat actually we are not. I miss the virility of maleness as it once existed. Remember opposites rely on each other for self-definition. The wildman has been shorn and castrated resulting in the new more sensitive, compassionate, supportive, nurturing modern male.
    Admirable traits to be sure but too much of a good thing and it gets errie. I am convinced that most women don’t want a man as a companion, what they really want is a girl with a dick. You know someone they can shop with, lunch with talk non-stop with and then go home and get poked by. Hence the metrosexual male.

  3. “If you don’t get the young men, you get nothing.”
    Wow! This kind of arrogance still astounds me. As a sixty-year-old female, who knows just how spiritually damaging this smug,condescending attitude can be for women, I’d like to smack this guy up side the head!

  4. Driscoll thinks that Paul the Apostle probably didn’t walk around singing love songs to Jesus in his youth.

    No s(*& Sherlock. Paul hated Christians in his youth.

  5. judy, you got it.

    I suspect this guy is already smacked up on something though…

  6. (i hate that spell check in word press doesn’t catch titles, just body text. lol.)

    egregious. ious, not uois.

  7. The whole tone of this guy’s video is actually EXACTLY how the Nazi’s envisioned co-opting the Church in Germany—fill it with young men and create a vision of the church being the “male” or “virile” power behind the Reich. The notion that many of the storm troupers were attending the Deutche Christen church added to the conflation between the church and the Reich—Hitler as Messiah, the Kingdom of God as the Third Reich. Not to be all ‘fear mongering’ but it happened then… can happen now.

  8. nathan, like you, i don’t think driscoll is a nazi. i do, however, realize from his interviews that he’s very very concerned with driving up numbers in the church and on social networks (youtube, facebook, twitter) and then leveraging those numbers (bragging about them helps) to augment influence within the church.

    still, fundamentalist theology in a printed hoodie is still fundamentalist theology. and yes, he appears to be consolidating power by dismissing certain elders and not answering questions (i.e., not being transparent). i’m guessing he’s combating the transparency concerns by pointing to his social network presence, but this form of ‘hiding in plain sight’ only influences those who encounter and experience him online.

    the problem with bringing neo-fundamentalism to a supposedly ‘progressive’ area like the pac northwest is that it quickly becomes a personality cult following (for all intents and purposes) a fundy peddling conservative church doctrine. it’s great for introducing people to xnty, but isn’t good for sustaining and growing people spiritually. how long until his 20-something ‘dudes’ start reading from other xn scholars and realizing that many of the doctrines he’s offering are no different from stances in the 1950’s, especially concerning women.

    i’ve seen it a million times. you can take off the cowboy hat and the big buckle and put on a printed hoodie, but it’s still xn fundamentalist theology, and will plateau and ultimately decline in a place as progressive as the pac nw. in fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if there were already grumblings within his church now…

  9. My wife just watched the video while I was listening across the room.

    I’m wondering, for all his bashing the church for being “feminine”, has anyone pointed out to Driscoll that the church is the Bride of Christ?

  10. I’ve heard much about Mark Driscoll what with living in Seattle and being married to a youth leader but I hadn’t ever really given any of his messages much thought, let alone a listen, because I knew I would disagree on a fundamental level.

    I just watched this video and I am more than a little blown away. I had no idea just how violently opposed to females he is. Things that are feminine are akin to dirt. I…just wow. The architecture of churches is feminine?! Which architecture? The Gothic-inspired cathedrals? The mod-sixties buildings? The Frank Lloyd Wright designed churches across the country? I mean, really!

    Though he might have a point about color – all those sea-foam and fuschia churches decorated by castrating harpies! I hope those innovators busy fixing their trucks, shooting guns, and watching football can step in and save the day with a nice neutral color scheme!

  11. lol. very well played. -bc

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