MCA Adam Yauch

MCA / Adam Yauch

Rolling stone is reporting that Adam Yauch, AKA “MCA”, the gravelly-voiced member of the Beastie Boys has died at the age of 48. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2009.

I first heard the Beasties in Jr. High, and never stopped listening to them. In fact, they are still my first choice any time I need to get movin’.

I never met him, but he was always there in every drive up to Yosemite, every jog through the Santa Monica mountains, every poker game with the boys, and every time my wife Roslyn and I just wanted to groove.

Rest in peace Adam.

Here are some of my favs:

6 Responses

  1. What holy music you idolise

  2. Charles Allen said:

    What holy music you idolise

    Thank you Charles. It is always good to have the first comment come from a more righteous than thou Christian criticizing the music of one who has just died. You represent Christ well. Jesus would be proud. Well done.
    I approved this comment because I want my readers to see how your mind and faith work, as you encapsulate everything that is wrong with fundamentalist approaches to any religion.

  3. this makes me so sad. he gave us so many great beats.

    oh, and btw, […removed by moderator…], mr. charles. go […removed by moderator…]

  4. Besides the musical contributions, he was a fantastic humanitarian who spent much time, effort, and $$$ helping others. The world lost a great one today. RIP MCA.

  5. hear hear. agreed.

  6. I was majorly bummed out all afternoon. I kind of just want to eat ice cream and mope, but MCA would probably rather see me go vegan and help someone out.

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